$Sold On A Double

SOLD is for the homies early on PulseChain tryna catch a double up. A deflationary, community-driven meme-coin called $SOLD based on Richard Heart’s infamous quote, “sold on a double”. We’re all out here doin our best to sell everything on a double amiiright? This community represents the pureness of degeneracy. We’re the sultans of degen, the kings that couldn’t win any harder if we tried.


Disclaimer: This project is not endorsed by Richard Heart. It’s a joke, a meme. But we do love him. Buy at your own risk.



$Sold On A Double $Sold On A Double $Sold On A Double

  • Launch $SOLD Telegram and Twitter with marketing

  • $SOLD Token launch and Liquidity provision

  • Increase $SOLD holder and distribution

  • Coinmarketcap Listing

  • $SOLD social campaign to become #1 meme

  • CEX Listings

  • Community-voted deflationary mechanisms